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A Look at Davis Legacy Life

To Understand Who We Are, You Must First Learn Our Beginning!

Davis Legacy Life first started as a what-if.  What if a company truly cared for its clients and not about their assets.  What if a company just gave a client what they needed without the upsell.  What if a company treated people like they were family.  That vision became reality for our founder Jesse J Davis while he was working for a Financial Firm in Nebraska.  He met financial professionals from across the country, they were so interested in prospect's assets but when they became clients the communication slowed down.  Our founder started this company years later after moving to Georgia and made its only focus Relationship, treat everyone like Family.  His mission was to connect with prospects, be honest and transparent.  Our agency is truly a one-stop shop in regards to Life, Health, Medicare, and Annuity products.  We build a relationship with our clients and their families.  Our founder also serves as the Director of Legacy Planning and still personally meets with prospects and clients today.  Although he is a family man himself, he always makes time for his Davis Legacy Life Family.

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